Care Instructions

Silk Pillowcases & Silk Bedding Basics

* Dry cleaning is recommended. Silk beddings can be hand or machine washed on a gentle/ delicate cycle as well.

* All sheets should be washed in cold water with a gentle detergent or a detergent specially formulated for silk.

* Never use bleach when washing your silk bedding.

* A mixture of white vinegar and water can restore the luster and the softness of silk.

* Do not let the silk sheet soak too long.

* Wash your silk bedding separately with other items.

* Wash your silk beddings immediately if you stain your silk linen. Try to clean the stain with cold water and silk detergent. For tough stains you can bring your linen to a dry cleaner.

* It is best to air dry your silk in non-direct sunlight. Strong sunlight will fade the color of the silk.

* Machine dry with air fluff setting with least possible amount of time and heat. Do not twist your silk beddings.


Ironing your silk beddings

* Use a low heat or silk setting to iron your silk beddings.

* Keep the iron moving: Never keep the iron in the same place long. Move quickly over the silk.

* Iron your silk beddings on the reverse side to maintain the luster, You can also place a clean piece of cotton on the top of the silk to protect your silk fabric.

* Steam iron on the low heat setting also works well for taking away the wrinkles on the silk. 


Silk Pillows & Comforters

* Your silk-filled duvets and pillows doesn't require cleaning, Air your comforter or pillow in non-direct sunlight for a few hours once or twice a year to retain freshness. 

* Never wet clean or dry clean your silk filled comforter or pillow, spot clean and air dry if needed.

* Always use your comforter and pillow with a removable cover.

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