silk threads

Measure of Silk

Momme is what silk fabrics are measured with. It is how much the silk weight per a specific area. Because silk threads are so fine, thread count does not apply because it will be well over a thousand. However, the weight of the silk does matter because it speaks to how much silk is used. Usually, high-quality silk ranges from 19 momme to 22 momme. The higher the momme also enhances durability, making your silk sheets more machines washable. However, the higher the momme may also mean stiffer silk which means it can compromise the softness of the silk feel. Also, during the charmeuse silk fabric manufacturing process, silk threads are being twisted and weaved. Different twisting and weaving method create different softness and smoothness of the silk fabric. Therefore, it is important to not just look at the momme number but also actually touch and feel the smoothness of the silk and the heaviness of the silk fabric.

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