Why is silk so breathable?

Silk Breathes

Silk is the finest and most breathable natural bedding material. It is great for someone who sleeps hot or sweats at night. Why is silk so breathable? The answer lies in the fineness of silk floss and the volume of floss required to make a silk bedding product.

silk breathe

Silk floss individually is about a tenth diameter of a hair. However, it is extremely strong. The same diameter of silk is stronger than the same diameter of steel. During the silk comforter manufacturing process, about 10,000 cocoons are used. This sheer volume means your comforter is made of nothing but an infinite amount of thin floss. Structurally the floss intertwined with each other so tightly that only a high-grade scissor can get cut through efficiently. This structure of tightly intertwined thin floss creates millions of air pockets for air to stay in to keep you warm and at the same time lets moisture through and evaporates into the air. These air pockets help regulate your temperature while you sleep so you are not too cool or too hot. The comforter basically breathes so your body can breathe. The thinness of the floss gives you the lightest and softest comforter so you feel as if you are sleeping under a cloud. It is the most luxurious yet practical bedding you can ever give yourself from the natural world.

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