How to differentiate mulberry silk and why it matters?

How to differentiate among mulberry silk?

1. Grades A, B and C

    • Grade A silk has long strands, contains almost no impurities and have a natural pearly white color and sheen
    • Grade B silk has short strands, some impurities and requires chemicals to make the silk look pearly white
    • Grade C silk has short strands, lots of impurities with a cotton like texture and yellowish color

2. Double strands

    • Each cocoon contains two silk worms
    • Stronger and longer stands
    • Best raw material for comforters

 Our silk are grade A double stand mulberry silk

    • Only the top 3-5% of annual mulberry silk production
    • Unlike other grades, its natural pearl color does not require any chemical processing


Why grade A silk matters?

1. Structural compositions

    • Sericin: 25% of cocoon
      • Glue like substance that keeps dust mites, bed bugs, etc. away
      • Naturally hypoallergenic
    • Fibroin: 75% of cocoon
      • Durable with 18 amino acids
2. No impurities
    • Breathability
    • Lightness
    • No knotting
    • Temperature regulator
3. Length: Each cocoon can unravel up to 1/2 mile
    • Requires no stitching
    • Floss will not bundle or shift
    • Longevity: 10-15 years with good care
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